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Environmental report 2008

5th Forestation Planner SeminarDecember 11, 2008

The forestation seminar, the last one for the year, prepared by more trees, as you may see within the homepage, the theme of °∆Biodiversity°« is conducted by Hibi-san of Conservation International(www.conservation.or.jp/). COP10, 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity will be held in Nagoya, October, 2010. The various area takes the opportunity on this Biodiversity and focused on the importance of the subject. It may sound difficult to understand from the wording however, simple way of knowing its meaning may be thought from the rhythm or pace of daily life within the combination of/or benefit of animal beings as well as vegetations. Through Hibi-san°«s presentations, we came to know the importance of Ecological Systems and Human being are fully depending on this system. If the balance of the Ecological System has broken, it will bother °∆Inhabitation°«, and therefore we, Human Being, must take careful steps to consider when Polar Bear and Frog are losing their life. Sacrificing those animal life may be the signal of warning to Human Beings in the current world. We appreciate this seminar on the fundamentals of the Ecological Systems and related knowledge which brought attention to think the daily life more meaningful.

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4th Seminar for the planner for the Creation of Healthy ForestsNovember 27, 2008

We have learned a lot on °∆World Forest-Today°« under the guidance of Nakazawa-san of°°FoE Japan, especially on the subjective issue of °∆Illegal Logging°«. It is very unfamiliar to hear about °∆Illegal Logging°« in Japan. It may be because it is not happening in Japan so often, however, it is becoming very serious in the world nowadays. Every one second, it is losing the space equals to soccer game field of forest space. This is the fact and true story. Living in Japan, we see many greens or trees and not easy to recognize the lost of forest so fast.

Do you ever hear the word, °∆Fair Wood°«? This word/theme has been set by FoE Japan originally with the consideration of °∆Stop Illegal Logging°«, at the same time, we respect forest environments to produce valid lumber. Very frankly speaking, it aims that we should not purchase those wood products which were produced from the lumbers of Illegal Logging. We°«ve studied that consumer°«s careful eyes on the traceability of wood products will help to eliminate the world°«s deforestations. The seminar has provided various information on deforestation in the developing countries, current background of forest environments of coast line of Russia, etc.

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The First Forestation Planner Seminar, October 23, 2008 at Eco Plaza, Minato-kuOctober 23, 2008

I°«ve participated the pre-school in the past. Now main program will take place and all of more than 30 peoples have anticipated this seminar with full of expectations. This day, we all learned the very basics of the Forest in Japan and overseas. Mizutani-san made a very clear-cut definition of difference of the Forest in Japan and overseas. With this seminar, the speciality of the course is to visit the actual place of Forest during the seminar session and all can feel the air/or taste of trees in the forests. We all anticipate for the total of 8 class seminars by February 11, 2009.

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CDM Forestation(Carbon skins)training seminar for the possible specialists sponsored by Japan International Forestry Promotion & Cooperation CenterOctober 22-24, 2008

I°«ve participated this seminar of JIFPRO with the full of expectation. Lecturers and attendants £Ūentality°°and attitude toward the programs were above the average. The 3 day-seminars were very productive and very much meaningful covering lots of areas such as AR-CDM basic rules, methodology of CO2 estimation, carbon accumulation actual measurement and notation, etc. On the second day, baseline & monitoring systems, presentation of actual projects performance by the NGO and private company. On the third day, we could learn a lot on the area of project observation with its remarks, CDM forestation investment to apply for the actual PDD(Project Design Document) preparation and exchange between the group members. All of which, I assume the seminar were meaningful with the contents of basics of CDM forestation and its processing. We could meet many different people from variety of company and also it gave lot of fresh ideas and encouragements to what Green Wave supposed to take action in future. It will be a great help in conducting forestation activity in Indonesia in our forthcoming event.

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Tokyo Business Summit at Tokyo Big SiteOctober 21-22, 2008

Participated to support this event(www.business-summit.jp) and this was the good opportunity to getting to know the variety of all industry which made the event itself joyful and enjoyable. The high standard of Japanese food industry, the rules and regulations in general, so many local and traditional products from all over Japan showed the refreshing and attractive to all visitors yet it seemed those products were produced in consideration of the environment.

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Analyst for Nature Restoration and Conservation test Seminars sponsored by Association for Nature Restoration and Conservation, NPO Organization, supported by the Cabinet Office of Japan, held at Tokyo University of AgricultureOctober 4, 2008

The principle duties for the Analyst for Nature Restoration and Conservation is to establish and prepare the plan of the targeted area of land(s) for the restoration and conservation with the full of added information needed to implement the plan for the technical treatment and carefulness even after the action taken. The analyst will make continued observation of the land(s). (+Information/wordings were referenced with the home-page of Association for Nature Restoration & Conservation, Japan).

Nature restoration and conservation is very much similar to what the public medical doctor is doing in the daily human life. The seminar which I have attended was the one for the Junior course with the 5 hours for one day, however medium course seminar will take full two days of seminars and Senior course will be one night and two days session. The variety Of seminar lessens and contents will cover according to the level of course

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Patent Solution Fair at Tokyo Big SiteOctober 1-3, 2008

We have participated this event with the cooperation of Kankyo Keiei Sogo Kenkyusho for total of 3 days and able to introduce °»chopsticks made from paper materials°… which NPO Green wave has been giving as a token of appreciation for the charity of money for those who did a support and donated the money. Plenty of visitors and audiences every day during the fair. One of the hottest and interesting booths/sites was the Global Warming/Energy conservation area, same booth area that we were in, where valuable and important information relating to environments were provided to many peoples.

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Everybody°«s Earth Exhibition 2008August 21, 2008

Nihon Kagaku Mirai Kan 1F Symbol zone

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Visitation and Enrichment to Biodiversity Center, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the EnvironmentAugust 2008

August 2008

Biodiversity Center is the particular building with full sprits of environments covered by the trees, green plants and other considerations paid and located in the half way of Mt. Fuji within the Izu-Hakone National Park area. It has been said that Biodiversity is somewhat difficult and nothing clear to interpret although variety of seminars and forum have raised this subject a lot. This center is the full of information, able to view the screen, pictures, exhibits, natural mechanism, biodiversity meaning, etc. and everything will make clear to understand the real meaning of biodiversity. You can experience the real cycle of life forms and natural resources with its environmental elements by seeing, sounding, watching, etc. We strongly recommend everyone to pay a visit this center.

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Exhibit Visitation
VicreA Central of Ricoh Sales Company Ltd.July 29, 2008

We have participated Ricoh°«s Value Presentation 2008 during June and gained the actual experience at the booth about Ricoh°«s environmental program and activity. This time, we visited their live-office to observe their inter-office activities. Firstly and surprised to look into the office space that there is almost no wasteful things. It was nothing similar to what we usually watch in the TV°«s drama, normal office, desks, chairs, documents, plants, baskets, etc. However, by eliminating and setting up for the completely arranged office formation, they said they could improve office environment, compromising information. Separated refuse system has been settled with 16 ways of waste baskets including recycle waste items to be thrown into the Recycle-post box. All employees are well informed about the manual of the office environment, keep clean and minimize the waste. Surprised also was that they remove needles of stapler from the papers when waste and separate. We thought small office like Green Wave have to follow such rule that many employee like Ricoh does enforce doing.

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Eco Project-Starting from Zero WWF Panel °∆A Variety of life forms of Coral reefs°« provided by WWFJuly 21, 2008

Imagination from the word, Environment is easy to think of caring the forest and tree, and/or plant/vegetable. However and in addition to it, we have to pay more attention about the sea environmental situation currently undergoing and is faced with the serious problem. Due to the effect of the Global warming, the sea-level has been rising resulting the deduction of the sandy beach overall, it has been reported that total of 8 beach houses in the Kujyu-kuri beach line of Chiba Prefecture could not hold the space due to the rise of sea level. Those beach lovers and surfers who used to enjoy the sea atmosphere not only summer times must have worried more closely about such influences.

At this exhibition, we could observe the variable and rare phenotype beings through the panels. It was also astonishing to know, °∆beautiful scenery of Sea°« are still existing with lot of photo copies. It is the same thing to think of the environment of the forest and sea.

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Pre-School study on °»Forest protection and maintenance Planner°… and related guidance, Minato-ku°«s Eco Plaza.July 3, 2008

We°«ve met Mr. Shinnkichi MIZUTANI who is a General Secretary for more Trees organization and learned a lot about the forest overall. It was rather shocking to hear about the fact that every one-second, the space equals to Soccer games is disappeared in our world of earth. Every second, it°«s gone! We live in the greater city of Tokyo with its concrete jungle, but it is also easy to access to the area of full green of forest, some one hour train ride to those area or from the sky through the window of the airplane, you will easy to see the scenery of green spread over Japan island. However, this though is ignorant of the world, it is for sure that this earth is loosing the green area by every hour as a whole. We could also watch the pictures of palm oil subjects and getting to know the fact.

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Pre-School study on °∆Forest and Water power°« and related guidance, at Minato-ku°«s Eco-Plaza.July 2, 2008

There is a word called °»Hydrology°… similar to °»Astronomy°… where its main study is focused in °∆Stars°« movements and combinations, etc. Hydrology is created roughly 100 years ago, the study direction is similar to Astronomy to know about Water and its message. Professor Enryo TANAKA is the specialist in the Hydrology, and the session was about the Hydrology of Forest. It was a common knowledge including myself that the forest may produce lots of water and maybe very weak against floods. It was completely wrong thought after this seminar session. In fact, the forest will not contribute in producing the water supply and may alleviate the effects of floods. Therefore, the session was very productive to know about the reality and renew facts about forest and water power. Human being lived as much as so far by the great support of Natural resources, we have sometimes forgotten about the facts related to those resources which we must bear in mind.

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Black IlluminationJune 21, 2008

Many people might have noticed that during the hours from 20:00 until 22:00 on June 21, 2008 lights were all shut down at the Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge-Odaiba Tokyo Bay and Roppongi°°Hills building. This event was conducted as one of the movements by the Team Minus 6% and°°they have named the event °∆Black Illumination.°« It used be conducted on the day of the summer solstice in the past, however in celebrating the Hokkaido-Toyako Summit this year, the team has°°decided to do lights-shut-down on July 7 also. So, everyone!! why not trying the lights off on July 7 and feel the gentleness of the Earth and the different night hours.

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No More(STOP) Deforestation and Climate Change System Control presentation by Scholars from the world sponsored by Forest and Forest Products Research Institute, held at Tokyo Kokusai ForumJune 20, 2008

Awaited this forum for a long time personally, because it is said that variety of study or recommendation were raised from several institute on the move of deforestation to REDD, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. It brought lots of meaningful idea and opinion to renew our knowledge by attending the forum. Good to know and to mention that °»REDD°«s policy and enhancement as well as impact to social concern°… and °»REDD and Biological Diversity°… are the principle subject with much interests. Referencing to Social Concern, it is reminded to know how REDD action will create serious impact to native inhabitant°«s life.

For those people holding the life in metropolitan area, it is rather difficult to understand, °∆native inhabitants keeping the life along with the forests/or in the forests°«, however it is so important not to neglect those fact upon implementation of REDD program. Gained also the valuable reports on Biological Diversity with the actual investigation and their examined facts. The word RIL- Reduced Impact Logging, was new to us meaning that deforestation will be conducted in low key and that will support direction of deforestation and logging trees that will same time assist Biological Diversity. We plan to follow up in these subjects in future.

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RICOH Value Presentation 2008 held at Tokyo Kokusai Forum HallJune 12, 2008

It is easy to know that RICOH Company has been emphasized for the Ecology and Environments with its Sustainable Environmental Management policy as the company motto. Through this Value presentation by observing the manufacturing booth, themed at Revised Solutions on the productions and design process. It was very comprehensive and well presented with the detailed explanations. One of the best was the packaging methodology which is the actually conducted in the Aomori area to pack the printer machine. It was miracle how they could do it without using cushioning materials but only placed was the used plastic-bottle in upper and down sides. I made a question to the booth person, °∆who thought this idea?°« Because total packaging is rather sensitive for the printer machine which needs sensitive care upon moving. However, soon I noticed was that plastic bottle in each corner acted easing the shocks of pressure in each area than the past. The person has explained to me that considering the ecology and cutting the waste was the start of this idea. I was so lucky in observing such thing.

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International Day for Biological Diversity Symposium 2008 held at the United Nation°«s University Hall, Aoyama, TokyoMay 22, 2008

May 22 is the day set forth by the United Nation°«s Environment Programme. The word Biological Diversity is not easy to understand due its meaning and image does not actually reflect in the daily life. However, it relates deeply in our daily life, near to your environmental life, natural circulation involving various forms of life which is the component of your surroundings. The word, Biological Diversity, may be represented by such variation of life cycles and richness of its growth. The main theme of this symposium was Biological Diversity on Biodiversity on Agriculture, food and fields/mountain areas of the country home where used to be utilized as the food production in the old days. In fact, one of the panelist from the farmer did an explanation on Biological Diversity on his production process. It is nothing easy to touch those Biodiversity elements of life forms, richness of the forests due I was born in the middle of the city, among the concrete buildings. We knew and recognized that the Global warming effect and the Biological Diversity has strong relationship and they link each other.

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Lohas Design Award 2008, Shinjuku GyoenMay 15-18, 2008

The day we have visited was a nice day, clear blue skies, spread green grass were just in front of us and those fine area was the Lohas Design Award 2008 site in Shinjuku Gyoen.

The theme for this year was °∆Renewable Design' and many exhibitions were so much interested and gave fresh feeling with the attractive renovated design style. It was difficult to select and post the good award.

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Seminar on Basic Forest Recovery and Regeneration Methodology °∆Miyawaki Style' held at Cosmos Aoyama room datedMay 15, 2008

Due to the total seats were limited for this seminar, and thus we could directly gained the useful and very valuable opinions from Professor Miyawaki. We should mainly focus for the genuine forest and no fake. Professor showed many pictures of forests as well as trees, the difference of plantation style expressed the importance of genuine forests. It was a good direction of words for us for the continuation of tree plantations in future. Professor was telling us that he plans to plant trees another 30 years therefore young people should follow the same, he is 80 years of age.

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2nd Seminar for the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility by the World Bank, held at KKR Hotel, Tokyo, dated April 24, 2008

REDD(Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) is the high light of current world topics against climate change problems solving. At this Forum, presentation has covered that the World Bank may give the eco rights for the Forest Conservation Effectiveness in conducting FCPF(Forest Carbon Partnership Facility) through the capital funds mechanism of REDD. Deforestation is not caused by the direct cutting trees, but we should focus something else, says Mr. Werner Kornexl of World Bank, and further indicated that all country level should talk and establish policies in relation to the South American region problems. We would like to pay attention to this REDD in the future too.

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International Expert Meeting on Addressing Climate Change Through Sustainable Management of Tropical Forests 30 April - 2 May 2008, Yokohama, JapanApril 2008

This event itself was sub- arranged as 4th TICAD(Tokyo International Conference on African Development meeting organized by the International Tropical Timber Organization in cooperation with The Governments of Japan, Switzerland and Norway, and the City of Yokohama. Major areas were focused to spotlight the reduction of Co2 caused mainly by the deforestation and deterioration especially how to protect the deforestation of the tropical forests. Many panelists made the emphasis such as effective use of tropical trees and conservation in addition to the reduction of Co2. The forest which has deteriorated must need recovery plan and actions to the healthy condition and the reforestation must be programmed and will be conducted with the plantation of trees which we assume it will be a key word for the future definition of environmental solutions.

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Nikkei University Consortium
Potentiality of Global Warming market business in Asia-Thinking of Post Kyoto Protocol, held at Yotsuya Campus of Sophia University datedApril 23, 2008

The very meaningful seminar and could gain lot of information because panelist were from the universities of leading Asian countries. They gave us useful market trend for the global warming business in future. Minister of Environment, Mr. Ichiro Kamoshita did a good presentation. We could learn the current and future Asian emissions trading potentiality.

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Ecology and Energy Forum, Tokyo Nikkei HallApril 21, 2008

Through this forum, we could study that the government has placed the target of 80% reduction from the 100% oil dependence by the year of 2030 for the car. To enable this target, 5 major subjective issues were settled such as New battery systems, Clean-diesel, Hydrogen-fuel cells, Bio fuel and Best Ecology car in the World in thinking of new power sources for the cars in next generations. It is rather seldom to touch those 5 major areas and not many information is given in our daily life, it was fortunate to know those by participating this forum. Modal shift relating to the future transportation method was the new topic and it is important from now on.

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Listen & write about Forest-Koushien Forum at Edo-Tokyo MusiumMarch 23, 2008

Sponsored by Fox-Fire Japan to talk about the trees and the forest mainly by the Sr. High school students. Panelists were quite unique in guiding to understand the trees and the forest. Japan is mostly covered by mountains and lot of trees, and thus it is important to restudy about Japanese past culture and history relating to trees.

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Watashinomori.jp Forum at International Exchange HallMarch 19, 2008

Sponsored by Ms. Junko Edahiro who is a well known Environmental Journalist and translator. with full of flavor of shaved woods, decorated with Japanese Cypress on the main stage, it gave up valued information about the tree and every body were reminded to think about tree more seriously.

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CDM International Forestation Symposium, at Olympic Memorial Sport CenterMarch 10, 2008

Sponsored by Japan Forest Investigation Committee to talk about Clean Development Mechanism to cover and listen what is currently happening in the area of Indonesia, Vietnam and such areas where people live near to the forest and with the forest how to survive. It brought lot of meaningful gesture and information how they could coordinate with the land including forest.

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Earth Environment SymposiumFebruary 15, 2008

Sponsored by Conservation International Inc. and studied about the global conservation to think seriously about poverty issue in such areas which is strongly linked with earth environments. All panelists had emphasized about the need for supply of such resources and support to poverty areas. The symposium was held at the Elizabeth Rose International Hall at the United Nation's University. Dated February 15, 2008.

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Eco Internship SymposiumFebruary 13, 2008

Work-together concept in consideration of Environmental elements. Sponsored by National Museum of emerging Science and Innovation to study about Ecology. It was so much fruitful to share those Ecological information with students with their fresh eyes and view points. Young students major concern was * large corporation's stance against environment, *in what way the balance of managing the company?