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Greenbiz Project

Greenbiz Project

Global warming, heat-island phenomenon and affairs which we hear almost every day and it is becoming worse every year. It bothers the life of human being a big impact.

Looking at what we lose total daily forest space or area on a global basis, we believe we have to do forest improvements and assist cooperation for the effective use of timber from forest thinning domestically. During this time of activity planning, we’ve met the superb material ‘greenbiz’.

Greenbiz is produced by fiber company using defecate volumes by industrial and trade waste, the recycled ecological-material which will be used for the rooftop gardening, wall greening and road surface pavement, very effective superb item widely expected for its use in future.


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We believe that greenbiz and its information will be widely known by many people. We expect that breenbiz will bring good possibility for the better environments, assisting for the livable city and town.

Greenbiz case examples map:

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