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Environmental report 2007

Open Symposium themed on Environmental Education for Tomorrow-December 7, 2007.December 7, 2007

Sponsored by the Japanese Society of Environmental Education, Symposium was held at Science Council of Japan hall dated December 7, 2007. Environmental Education was the main theme on this day, many presentations and panelists had provided very effective and experienced facts to share.

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Minato-ku Mori to Mizu Meeting 2007- November 29, 30 2007 at Civic centerNovember 29-30, 2007

Upon participating this meeting, lots of meaningful yet valuable information were gained such as necessity of Forest operation and tree thinning. On the second day, the program has focused and introduced "more trees" concept and its organization activity which is formed by world famous Ryuuichi Sakamoto. The importance of maintaining the forest with joy, work-together and properly was recognized.

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November 2007-Kiyosato Kankyo ForumNovember 18-20, 2007

Participated this high-valued forum, November 18-20, 2007 and gained many environmental information including exchange of topics and activities of other organizations.