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Donation and how we use it

About Charity Donations (Monetary donation):

We hereby request to everyone of you for the charitable donation to support our activities and program processing which will surely help for the next generation as well as related environmental stage. NPO-Greenwave appreciates your cooperation very much.

How the money will be utilized;

Funds will be registered under ‘Team Green Wave’.

NPO Greenwave will sorting the funds;

(a) Typical Greenwave activity
Forest, Satoyama conservation
Actions against Heat-Island phenomenon
Auditing activity on the University of Tokyo SPL

(b) Examination Construction
Roof tree planting and wall surface tree planting
Earth-water preservation and permeable pavement and soil improvement

Please note that we will automatically register your name/and company name within our Team Greenwave member list on the home page. We would like to expand hands wide to receive more volunteers on this charitable donations. We appreciate very much for your understanding. Kindly refer to ‘donation application form’ to donate.