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About our Organization

Head office location #511, 6-10-45 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052
Corporation information July 9, 2007
Director in Chief Ms. Chiyo Isayama, Registered an Environmental Planner authorized by The Earth Environment Bureau
Director Mr. Yasuhiko Okada、 An attorney, Former Environmental office Undersecretary
Director Mr. Kouji Michinaga, Medical Doctor, CEO and Chief Director, Funabashi orthopedic Hospital

Objectives of Green Wave

The objective of NPO Green Wave is to look at the various scenes as the result of thinning of the forest maintenance condition, the planting and its related activities, in accordance with the local conditions and circumstances, the roof and wall-surface green-planting(use of Greenbiz panel materials), pavement plan the protection of the global environment through the activity with hydrophobized of the road surface which was caused by rapidly conducted street works, and aquatic resources expected in prevention of global warming, the near future of the low-carbon society including the relaxation of the heat island effect, improvement of the food self-sufficiency ratio, national land conservation of the country of the islands-countries and living environment and natural environments harmonize each other to materialize for producing economic support and mental enlightenment that will bring the whole human is equal treated for life living.